Jesper Blickander - Account Manager

Jesper is working as Account Manager on Hot Screen

Jesper is working in our customer support where he’s helping all our customers with everything they might need. He has recently been given a role as account manager to be able to nurture our customer relationships further and at the same time fill his social interest.

What’s your job title?
Account manager / Customer Support.

For how long have you worked here?
I’ve been working here at Hot Screen since 2018, so 3 years now.

What do you get to do in your job?
In my job, I mainly get to have the daily communication with our customers and help them with setting up proofreading, quotes and giving advice on special products and orders. By both mail and telephone.

What’s the most fun about your job?
The most fun thing is the whole social part of the work. It consists of having the daily communication with all our customers and to make sure that everyone is satisfied and happy. I also think that all my colleagues are superb to work with, which makes it an even better workplace.

What is the best thing about Hot Screen?
The best thing I would say about Hot Screen is that it’s a modern company that cares a lot about its staff. It is a company that wants to invest in us employees and that really wants to grow and develop further. Another main factor to why I thrive this well is once again all the fantastic colleagues.
In addition, we have nice premises with a gym and other benefits that I use!

What do you do you on a day off?
On a day off, you will probably find me on the football field or on the golf course, even though I’m not the best golfer. Otherwise in my free time I spend a lot of time with my loved ones. Every weekend I also take a seat in front of my TV to watch my favourite team Manchester United play football.

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