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More efficient orders
You save time which gives you more time to focus on your customers = Making more money
One product for everything
Minimizing the risk of applying the wrong transfer
Easy application and happy customers
Withstands industrial washing in 85 degrees and tumble drying
Security when you apply the transfer
Fast service
Sent within 5 business days
Happier customers
Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1
You can sell to anyone and even participate in municipal procurements
Better environment for everyone
Low price
No need to hunt around to find a better price
You earn more money



-Nobody matches Hot Screen’s rates

Jonas Davidsson, owner of Lopus in Anderstorp

”We came in contact with Hot Screen when we started to buy transfers at Lopus. It was in the early 1990s, and we have never seen any reason to switch supplier since. The quality is high relative to the price – and it is important for a Smålander! (Laughs) We have been visited by many, who have offered to supply us with transfers, but no one has been able to match Hot Screen’s rates. Moreover, it is easier to collect all our eggs in one basket and trust a single supplier. I have had experiences working with a few different vendors over the years and had a lot of different contacts with customer support services. Now I have a personal contact, and the service and help has always been good.”

G-ESS is satisfied only with the best!

Håkan Melin, Vice President G-Ess Yrkeskläder

“It feels good to use products that harm neither people nor the environment and that, at the same time, maintain a high quality. Not the least, as the products must be heated on clothes and sold to our own customers. There’s a sensitivity and willingness to help us, that in turn facilitates our efforts to meet our customers’ needs. Being able to rely on each other and create favourable conditions for each other’s business is an important part of a good cooperation.”

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