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Using the right tools, you will get the best results. Our heat presses make application easy and durable wash after wash.


Gunilla Wennebrink packar

New! Update of Hot 2000

2019-04-09 - Hot 2000 is our reliable heat press which has now become even better! It has a new design for improved ergonomics and new features such as shelves on each side of the machine and simpler fasteners for under plates. Hot 2000 still has the same simple operation, which combined with unrivalled durability, has helped it

Gunilla Wennebrink packar

Does our heat transfer emit any dangerous fumes?

2019-03-28 - We sometimes get the question whether our heat transfer or heat presses emit any dangerous vapors during use / heating. We commissioned the independent institute RI.SE (formerly Swerea IVF AB) in Mölndal to answer that question by taking air samples and measuring them in their laboratory. The answer is that none of our products emit

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