Hot 1000e

Our first fully electrical heat press

With new technology and innovation, we have fundamentally developed a new type of heat press – the electric heat press.

With our electric heat press, you get all the benefits of a pneumatic press without the need for an external compressor. This makes it more portable and requires less space than our other transfer presses in the range, but still provides the same high-quality application when used correctly.

The right pressure & temperature

Hot 1000e delivers the right pressure and the right temperature for your application. The majority of built-in safety functions create a safe working environment for the user, and settings are made in the clear display with push buttons. The extendable base plate facilitates work when the work surface is completely exposed for easy placement of garments and heat transfer. Replacing the base plate is done by loosening the lever underneath and then just removing the base plate for replacement. To reattach the base plate, simply attach it and tighten the lever underneath.

Instruction video - Hot 1000e

In this video, we go through all the features and benefits of Hot 1000e. Watch the video to find out how to use our electric transfer press in the best possible way.

Hot 1000e is our first fully electric heat press that does not need an external compressor.


The work table on our electric heat press Hot 1000e sits on a stored carriage that is easily operated by the user. The function facilitates the placement of garments and transfer prints.

With its three different positions when applying, it is easy for the user to press small, medium or large depending on which subplate is selected. It has an adjustable display where you can change the time when applying from 1 second to 60 seconds and when the application is completed, the heating iron goes up by itself.

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Stable heat isolation

In order to succeed in obtaining a qualitative and stable result with each application, it is required that the heat press is able to maintain a stable temperature. Our heat presses have a 5cm thick heating iron that insulates the heat and guarantees a stable temperature up to + 200ºC during the entire application process.

Our electrical heat press gets delivered with:

Hot 1000e vår elektriska värmepress

Technical Specifications

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