Hot 2000

Our most popular heat press!

HOT 2000 is our self-developed heat press and according to many of our customers is everything needed to get a perfect result every time with simplicity.

The simple maneuvering and the simple setting options combined with a durability and reliability beyond the ordinary have made the HOT 2000 heat press a real bestseller in Sweden and the rest of Europe.

Hot 2000 värmepress

A heat press designed according to ergonomics

With its design for better ergonomics and functions such as relief shelves on both sides, mounts for tablets and simpler fasteners for sub plates, our Hot 2000 is adapted for a sustainable and efficient workflow. The press is easy to maneuver and provides quick application. With the right handling, it guarantees you a perfect result – every time. If you want to invest in the highest quality, efficiency and user-friendliness, this is a heat press for you. Hot 2000 is a heat press developed from the ground up by Hot Screen and built by our subsidiary in Kinna, Sweden. We always have machines on the shelf for immediate delivery.

Instruction video - Hot 2000

In this viceo we go through all the features and benefits of Hot 2000. Watch the video to find out how to use our most popular heat press in the best way.

Adjust the base plate for your application

The heat press is delivered with 5 sub plates in different sizes so that you can get started with your application as quickly as possible.

Sub plates included

The Hot 2000 heat press is adapted to table placement and stands best on a stable work table.

A high-quality heat press

In order to succeed in obtaining a qualitative and stable result with each application, it is required that the heat press is able to maintain a stable temperature. Our heat presses have a 5cm thick heating iron that insulates the heat and guarantees a stable temperature up to + 200ºC during the entire application process. With its pivotable shaft with double command as operation, it increases efficiency and in this way the next garment can be prepared while application takes place on the first.

Technical Specifications

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