Name Print

Name print enhances the benefits that branded clothing already provides, especially clear communication to customers and a sense of belonging among employees. We manufacture name prints in chest size with a minimum order quantity of 10 transfers – you can order names individually as long as the total quantity reaches 10 or more. Choose from several styles and colors!

Printing Names on Clothes – In Various Styles and Colors

When printing names on clothes, you need to consider the garment’s color – and match the name print accordingly. For example, dark prints on dark clothes are not recommended. If the garment has, or will be printed with, a company logo, this should also match in color and shape.

Only first and last names are allowed, or names with a title on two lines. As long as the total number of name prints is 10 or more, you can order one or more of each name.

Choose Between Two Heat Transfers for Your Name Print

Name prints from us are available in Stark Heat Transfer or Flex Heat Transfer. If you are applying the name print to a work garment, choose Stark, while Flex is our all-around transfer: it has a stretchy property that makes it suitable for everything from sports and workout clothes to regular shirts and pants.

Selectable fonts

From us, you can order name prints in our standard colors or from the entire PMS scale. We offer 12 different styles with both straight or soft letters in “handwriting” style. The style you choose determines whether the name is written in uppercase or lowercase.

Max width: 10CM* | Available colors:

All PMS colors

*When names exceed 10 cm, we adjust the size of the name accordingly.

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