STARK Heat Transfer - A durable heat transfer

STARK Heat Transfer is a durable heat transfer designed specifically for workwear and other garments that are subjected to hard wear. Our first ever transfer has been around for 30 years, and has developed over time into the product it is today: certified in line with the most stringent environmental requirement, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, and of the highest quality. It’s little wonder that our most durable heat transfer is as popular as it is.


* These specifications are only intended as recommendations. Some deviations in temperature, time & pressure may occur, depending on the material the heat transfer is being applied to.

STARK Heat Transfer and the rest of our product range

Our sellers, Fredrik & Robin, will go through STARK Heat Transfer and the rest of our product range. How do the products differ and which garments are best suited for STARK? Watch the film for the answers to your questions!

A robust heat transfer for workwear

Stark Heat Transfer is guaranteed to stay on for the garment’s lifespan and can handle industrial cleaning, dry cleaning, and tumble drying up to 85 degrees. You can also keep it in storage for up to 5 years.

Ryggen på en snickare med arbetskläder

Usage areas for
STARK Heat Transfer

As the Swedish name (‘STRONG’) suggests, STARK Heat Transfer is a durable heat transfer that can handle the toughest conditions. It’s developed for printing on to workwear and outdoor clothes of all kinds: jackets, beanies, and more, for builders, digger operators, security guards etc. It’s also excellent for applying on to other textiles that require a robust, durable heat transfer. If you touch a STARK product and compare it with our other product, FLEX, you can feel the difference in thickness. STARK is our strongest, most durable heat transfer, of the highest quality and resistance to wear-and-tear.

Our most durable heat transfer - in two formats

STARK Heat Transfer can be ordered in two different formats. They have the same excellent properties, it’s only their appearance which is different.

Blocker - an add-on that protects sensitive garments

Certain materials tend to ‘bleed through’ even our most durable heat transfers. This is because of a chemical process that makes the pigment in the plastics cause dark spots and shadows, or gives the impression of a ‘mouldy’ appearance. Polyester and Softshell are the materials most often affected.

To take care of this problem, we developed Blocker, an add-on that puts the brakes on the chemical process. The Blocker add-on is easy to distinguish from our standard heat transfers with its dark grey back side, rather than white. The grey layer is made up of three layers of activated charcoal. If you are curious to know more about what our Blocker add-on can do, you can read more here.

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