REFLEX Heat Transfer - a durable and robust reflective print

REFLEX Heat Transfer is a reflective print – a reflective heat transfer that is specially developed to be seen in the dark. And it is also as durable and robust as our other product, STARK Heat Transfer.

Product specifications

*These settings are measured for our heat presses based on the size of the underplate or the rubber plate: 38×38 cm: at least 6 bar (measured kg/cm2 = 0.33), 38×15 cm: at least 3 bar (measured kg/cm2 =0, 41), 15×15 cm: at least 1 bar (measured kg/cm2 = 0.35), 10×15 cm: at least 1 bar (measured kg/cm2 = 0.52)

REFLEX Heat Transfer and the rest of our product range

Our sellers, Fredrik & Robin, will go through Reflex Heat Transfer and the rest of our product range. How do the products differ and which garments are best suited for Reflex? Watch the film for the answers to your questions!

A reflective heat transfer for every garment

REFLEX has the same high quality and satisfies the same rigorous environmental certification, STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This means that the reflective print is guaranteed to last as long as the garment it’s printed on to and that it can handle industrial or dry cleaning and tumble drying at up to 85b degrees. You can also keep REFLEX Heat Transfer in storage for up to 5 years.

Byggarbetare iklädd varselkläder med transfertryck

Usage areas for our reflective print

With our reflective heat transfer, you can increase visibility for your brand in a clear and powerful way, even in dark conditions. REFLEX Heat Transfer is resistant to wear and is perfect for application on to high-vis clothing or guards’ uniforms which need to be visible in darkness. The product sticks just as well to t-shirts, ski hats, and other types of garment that need reflective heat transfers.

Order our reflective print in whichever colours you like

One standard perception is that reflective printing can only be made in silver, but REFLEX Heat Transfer can be printed in the entire Pantone Solid Coated range. You can choose up to 7 different colours to use in one logo with a guarantee that all of the colours are equally reflective and of the same high quality. Here is a short summary of our reflective prints:

Protect´ your garment with our Blocker add-on

Sensitive materials, such as polyester and Softshell, have a tendency to squeeze through even the strongest heat transfers. The colours in the plastics cause a chemical reaction that results in discolourations and shadows, causing the reflective print to look ‘mouldy’. This is why we developed Blocker, an add-on for our products. The add-on prevents the chemical reaction and is easily recognisable among our regular products with its dark grey back side, rather than the usual white. Blocker is made up of three layers of activated charcoal. If you want to find out more, you can do so here.

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