Put reflective heat transfer on your garments – and be visible in the dark

When winter and cloudy skies linger, it’s important to dress correctly. It’s also a great opportunity to show off your business – in the dark. Our reflective heat transfer REFLEX Heat Transfer has a reflective property that makes bounce off light – and shine in the dark. It has the same durability as STARK, and can withstand, among other things, industrial and dry cleaning as well as tumble drying at temperatures up to 85 degrees, while it has the same certificate as all our heat transfers: STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. Our reflective heat transfer can be printed on all kinds of garments and can be ordered in the entire Pantone Solid Coated scale – up to seven different shades can be printed in the same logo.

Important: apply a reflective heat transfer correctly

Our reflective transfer is printed on the garment just like STARK and FLEX. For our reflective heat transfer, however, there is one aspect that must be taken into account: the bar pressure. If you use too much pressure, the reflective pearls from the plastic carrier can be transferred to the garment outside the logo. Therefore, it is important that you follow our recommended settings for REFLEX Heat Transfer:

  1. Set the temperature to 160 °C.
  2. Set the application time to 15 seconds.
  3. Set the bar pressure as below*.
  4. Heat the garment for 5 seconds before applying your transfer print – all textiles shrink a little on the first heat.
  5. Apply your transfer print.
  6. Remove the plastic carrier. For REFLEX, Cold Peel applies, that is: the print must cool before you pull off the plastic.

*Set the bar according to the following measurements of the bottom plate, alternatively the rubber plate. If you have a Hot 1000e press, select Large, Medium or Small in the display and mount the correct subplate for the setting. Please note that the information that follows is based on the fact that you use our heat transfer presses. In parentheses is the measured kg/cm2 in case you use a transfer press of another brand:

  • 38×38 cm: at least 6 bar (measured kg/cm2 = 0.33)
  • 38×15 cm: at least 3 bar (measured kg/cm2 = 0.41)
  • 15×15 cm: at least 1 bar (measured kg/cm2 = 0.35)
  • 10×15 cm: at least 1 bar (measured kg/cm2 = 0.52)

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