Club clothing with a sustainable print

Match jerseys and shorts, training jackets and functional clothing, caps and gloves – club clothing with prints varies depending on the activity, season, and type of operation. They also endure heavy use and occasionally need to be replaced. That’s why we have put a lot of effort into developing sustainable, durable printings that last as long as the garment itself. Moreover, they meet high-quality standards and have been environmentally certified with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, making them suitable for printing on organic textiles. We collaborate with some of Sweden’s largest producers of club clothing with prints. Let’s hear what some of them have to say about it!

Klubbkläder med tryck - inom fotboll.

Gymnastics, horseback riding, figure skating, soccer – transfers for all kinds of clubs

There are certain requirements and expectations for club clothing with prints, including displaying the association with the right colors and fit, being made of breathable material, and allowing free movement. They should be durable and reusable. The same principles apply to our prints for clothing designed for sports like hockey or football, with transfers that are stretchable, durable, and representative of the team or association. The Flex Heat Transfer is particularly suitable for sportswear and training apparel due to its stretchy and flexible properties. The prints can be flat colors or have gradients, photo effects, and embroidery effects. We also offer numbers and letters in Flex for immediate delivery.

Add extra visibility to club clothing with reflective prints

Club clothing with reflective prints is an impactful way to showcase name prints, association logos, or club names. Reflex Heat Transfer is based on our popular Stark Heat Transfer and offers a reflective effect. It can be ordered in any color from the Pantone Solid Coated scale, with up to seven colors in a single print. Stark should also be mentioned, as sports like horseback riding require more durable prints for their heavier garments. All of our transfers can be applied to most club clothing and garments, on sleeves, chest, and back. To complete the circle, you can also take a look at our heat presses, which we use for all our product testing, among other purposes.

Here are some tips for club clothing with prints

Here’s how to print on different materials

Initially, we recommend using Flex for club clothing with prints. However, there are different challenges depending on the material you are printing on. In our Print Guide, we cover several materials such as Gore-Tex and rainwear, providing you with tips and advice. When it comes to club clothing with prints, some polyester garments may “bleed” through the transfer print, meaning that the color from the garment migrates through the transfer and discolors it. Therefore, we advise you to always test your material for bleeding or consult your garment supplier for their experiences. If you don’t have time for this type of research, Stark Heat Transfer with Blocker is the way to go. The Blocker addition minimizes the risk of bleeding.

Here’s how to order football transfers and other transfer prints from us

To order prints for club clothing and other garments from us, you create an account on our webshop. Your account is unique, as are the orders you create, which become your product archive. This allows you to place repeat orders instead of creating new ones each time.
One of the webshop’s many features is the ordering tool – an easy-to-navigate tool that gives you a clear overview of your order. You can, for example, save PDF proofs for review by your customer before placing the order, create print placements, or upload your own garments. Of course, you can also order directly by simply adding the order to your shopping cart. Additionally, we offer different production options for normal or fast turnaround, so you can receive your order when needed.
Once you receive your delivery, you can store our transfer prints for up to 5 years, ensuring you can always sell club clothing with prints without any production downtime.

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