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Hot 1000e

An electric, safe and user-friendly transfer press. This heat press is completely electric. You get all the benefits that usually require an extra compressor to achieve.

Hot 2000

Hot 2000 is a transfer press developed from the ground up by Hot Screen. The press is easy to maneuver and provides fast application with perfect results.

Hot 4000

Hot 4000 is created for application of large volumes. It is a carousel solution developed for efficient, industrial application with a focus on ergonomics.

Self-produced transfer presses from our affiliate in Kinna

No matter how high quality our heat transfers are when they are sent to you, it is important that they are applied in the right way for the end result to be as good as possible. If you choose one of our self-developed transfer presses, you can be sure to always have the right temperature and pressure when applying you transfer prints.

In addition, they have a number of features that allow you to get a perfect result every time. Our machines are produced by our affiliate company Itek in Kinna.

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