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Our transfer presses, also called heat presses, are manufactured in Sweden using Swedish steel. They are famous for their durability, reliability, performance and ergonomics. This page has an in-depth look on how our presses work, which accessories you need and what to consider when installing them.

Three categories of transfer presses

Transfer presses are available in different designs with varying quality and safety. Generally speaking, the presses fall into three categories:

Manual transfer presses

With a manual transfer press, you regulate the pressure yourself by pressing down on the handle of the press with light, medium or heavy force. You set the temperature and time, and close and open the press yourself. Manual presses do not require a secure, two-handed grip to start the application, which entails a higher risk of hand and finger injuries. The quality of the transfer print application may vary as the printing process is manually controlled. Manual presses are suitable for small production volumes or for beginners just starting out with printing.

Semi-automatic transfer presses

A semi-automatic transfer press works similarly to a manual press. The difference is that you set the pressure and time and the heating element is only lowered manually – it is normally raised automatically once the application is complete. The press reduces the physical effort as well as the risk of errors or accidents.

Pneumatic transfer presses

Pneumatic transfer presses are the most advanced of the different presses. They use pressurized air to apply firm pressure to garments, providing an even, constant pressure distribution over the entire surface. They therefore require little to no physical effort on behalf of user. Our transfer presses are pneumatic and electrically powered, which means they control the pressure, time and heat based on your chosen settings. You achieve greater control over your transfer applications and their quality. This type of press is ideal for high production volumes and professional printing – you get a reliable results time and time again with our Hot 1000e, Hot 2000 and Hot 4000 heat presses.

Our transfer presses – for all businesses

When choosing a transfer press, you need to consider the materials to be printed, expected production volumes, budget and space. The quality, durability and user-friendliness of the press are also important factors when determining how important uptime is for your business. Our transfer presses are designed to be used on various types of textiles. They are intended for production that emphasizes efficient and ergonomic work methods. Read more on our web page about heat presses and on the individual product pages: Hot 1000e, Hot 2000, Hot 4000. You can also contact our sales support, who will be happy to help you with information and advice.

How to start using our transfer presses

If you have just received your transfer press from us, you should read this printi guide, which contains information on how to install your press and configure the pressure. Once the transfer press is in place, you should also make sure that you have sufficient offloading space nearby, for example a rolling table or some other bench/table of the right height. Prepare the garments you are going to refine and decide where on the garment you are going to apply your transfer, and configure a cross laser or use a ruler. Check out our web shop for more great and practical accessories!

Quick start guide for an efficient, ergonomic workflow:

More about using our transfer presses in the Print Guide

We continuously collect information and knowledge about our products in our print guide. Here you can find out how to clean your transfer press, and how to print close to various details such as zippers and seams, or how to print on challenging materials such as Soft Shell. We also discuss the “order process” – how we produce transfer prints, our sustainability initiatives and other interesting questions!

Is it time to schedule service for your transfer press?

If you already own one of our transfer presses and it needs service, or maybe just a little extra care, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with a service technician. You can also check out our web store if you want to order Hot 1000e or Hot 2000 – Hot 4000 is ordered via our sales support, who will also help with any questions or information.

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