Hot 4000

A heat press for large volumes!

Hot 4000 is our largest and most efficient transfer press. With this machine, you can refine garments in large volumes in the shortest possible time combined with great user-friendliness. This makes it an easy choice for you with a need for industrial capacity. When developing the Hot 4000, we have taken the greatest possible consideration of the operator’s working environment and safety without making it difficult to use the machine.

Heating and cooling

Hot 4000 is equipped with two top plates, one with heat and pressure and a cooling plate. This means that you can press all heat transfers with “Cold Peel” without having to wait until the plastic carrier has cooled down before you remove it. During application, the base plates rotate to the heating and cooling plates, and during application, preparation of the next garment can take place. The heating press is equipped with a height-adjustable table for the best possible ergonomics regardless of the operator’s length. Hot 4000 is developed for sustainable work and is equipped with a relief shelf, bracket for tablet and a simple fastening device for the sub plates. The press is easy to maneuver and provides fast application with high quality. With the right handling, it guarantees you a perfect result, every time.

Instruction video - Hot 4000

In this video we go through all the features and benefits of Hot 4000. Watch the video to find out how to use our most popular heat press in the best way.

Heat press equipment

Our heat presses have a 5cm thick heating iron that insulates the heat and guarantees a stable temperature up to + 200ºC during the entire application process. The HOT 4000 heat press is equipped with a built-in timer. The timer can be set from 1 to 60 seconds, and when the application is completed, the heating iron rises while the carousel rotates.

Sub plates included

Self-made heating presses in Kinna

If you want to invest in the highest quality and user-friendliness, this is a transfer press for you. HOT 4000 is built by our subsidiary in Kinna and we always have heat presses on the shelf for immediate delivery to our customers.

Technical Specifications

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