Sustainable Prints on Workwear

If you’re considering printing on workwear, we recommend heat transfer. This type of clothing print withstands wear and tear in the toughest work environments and can handle industrial laundry. The print can also be applied to different materials, and when applied correctly, it lasts as long as the garment!
Our journey began over 30 years ago with prints on workwear – the Stark Heat Transfer. Due to the transfer’s excellent properties and numerous advantages, we have directed our entire business towards it, developing new products in the same line. Our heat transfers have, over time, obtained OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification, and our transfer production is ISO 90001 and 140001 certified.

Stark Heat Transfer – for prints on workwear

Stark Heat Transfer is specially designed for printing on workwear, although it fits into all contexts. You can both wash and tumble dry work clothes with a Stark logo at temperatures up to 85°C – the print retains its color intensity and properties wash after wash. Like our other transfer prints, Stark Heat Transfer is highly customizable in terms of design and color choices, whether you’re printing on workwear, applying prints that adhere to specific safety standards, or anything else. If the work clothes are a bit lighter, you may also consider our Flex Heat Transfer.

Work pants with prints, transfer prints on work pants

How to order prints for your workwear

If you are a reseller of workwear, you are welcome to register an account in our webshop. Then you can order prints on workwear directly through our user-friendly ordering tool! We focus on making the ordering process as smooth as possible for our customers. Therefore, you will find everything you need in the logged-in mode, from a quick price calculator to the ability to create proofs, upload your own images of garments, and place repeat orders. There is also an instructional video that guides you through the entire process step by step the first time you log in. If you want to know how the ordering process looks like, you can read this printguide.

Apply prints on workwear – and the machine that does the job!

When you order transfers from us, they come pre-cut and ready to be heated. You set your heat press to the correct temperature, time, and pressure, place the garment on the subplate, and position the print where you want it on the garment. Then you start the machine. Immediately after the machine is finished, you can peel off the carrier from our Stark Heat Transfer, known as Hot Peel.
If you’re looking for a good heat press for this purpose, we also have extensive experience with those. Our most popular press, Hot 2000, has two subplates that allows you to speed up your application – in case you’re printing on workwear in larger volumes. For larger retailers and industrial environments, we have our Hot 4000, with four subplates, and if you’re just starting up or running a smaller operation, the Hot 1000e is handy – electric, without the need for a compressor! We provide you with good tips and advice on how to work best with our machines here.

Suggestions for Placement of Prints on Workwear

Front of the garment:

  • Centered on the chest
  • Above the chest pocket
  • On the chest pocket
  • On any of the sleeves
  • On the front side of the thigh
  • On the leg pocket

Back of the garment:

  • In the neck area
  • On the back, upper or lower
  • On the back pocket
  • On the calf

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