Nina Kempe - Quality Manager

Nina is working as Quality Manager at Hot Screen

Nina works as head of Post Press, which is our last stop before the packages are sent to our customers. She is also responsible for both the quality and the environmental work here at Hot Screen and works hard to maintain and develop the quality and environmental management system.

What is your job title?
Quality and environmental manager / Post Press manager

For how long have you worked here?
I started working here on Hot Screen in 2006, so 15 years!

What do you get to do in your job?
In my job, I work with maintaining the quality and environmental development for the entire company. I also analyze the production statistics to be able to improve the quality in our production further.

As head of our post-press department, I am responsible for all staff who work there and ensure that the work process in the entire department goes in the right way.

What’s the best thing about your job?
The best thing about my job is that everyone gets to speak their mind and every voice gets heard. All ideas that come up are taken seriously, and all individuals in the production provides an equally important part in the process.

Another main factor to why I thrive is of course all my wonderful colleagues. We all have an open and close communication in both directions and always stand up for each other.

What is the best thing about Hot Screen?
What I think is the very best thing about Hot Screen is that we are ambitious with all environmental issues. We have a modern and environmentally adapted property that leaves the smallest possible print on the environment.

Another thing that makes Hot Screen a fantastic company to work for is that all employees are in focus, and that well-being and health come first.

What words describes you and what do you do in your free time?
Some words that would describe me are that I am a happy and caring person who used to be passionate about dance, but nowadays I have a great interest in outdoor life and outdoor activities with my family.

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