Robin Östlund - Salesman at Hot Screen AB

Robin Östlund - Salesman

Robin is working as salesman at Hot Screen

Robin has worked as salesman for Hot Screen since 2018 and is constantly on the road. He has extensive experience in the profile industry, has extensive knowledge of our products and knows what is suitable with what to always get a successful result.


By listening to customers’ needs, he nurtures our customer relationships to both create and maintain long and good collaborations.

What’s your job title?



For how long have you worked here?

I have worked here at Hot Screen for a little over 3 years!


What do you get to do in your job?

In my job I get to do a lot of different things. I am mostly out on the road representing the company, which includes meeting all customers in my district (western Sweden / Norway), holding training in how to use our products in the best way and to show all the functions in our webshop.


Basically you can say that I go around and make sure that all customers are satisfied and happy.


What’s the most fun about your job?

The most fun thing about my job is of course to meet all our customers. I like the whole social part of the work, and to build a collaboration with them. And of course it is very fun to see the different industries and how they work.


What is the best thing about Hot Screen?

The best thing about Hot Screen is that it is a company with a good mindset towards its employees, there is a short decision time for things we want to implement and everyone’s voices are heard. We have a really good policy towards us employees and everyone is taken care of, which makes it fun to work.


In addition, you are constantly motivated by free rein and all your wonderful colleagues.


What do you do you on a day off?

I used to be involved in football and was a football coach at slightly different levels. Now those days are over and I saturate my football interest by watching my favourite teams play instead. In addition, I like to play paddletennis, cook, and much of my free time is spent in the summer house on Smögen with a lot of fishing, swimming and boating!

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