Construction has started!

Construction of Hot Screen’s new property in Fjärås is now in full swing. We are building for the environment, and the future. In the new production facility, we focus on sustainability, recycling, and the environment. We are moving to the new location in December 2015.

The building process is continuing

The construction is proceeding at breakneck speed. All the walls and the roof are now in place. The new property is located in Fjärås, just south of Kungsbacka, right next to the exit from the highway. For those who are passing by, you get a good view of the property even from the highway.
More photos and news about the construction will come as the construction progresses.

Transfer your brand!

3A payoff is a short and concise way to deliver the most important message you want to convey, the most vigorous catch phrase that remains relevant over time. It expresses the goals and underlying thought of an organization.

Often, the payoff is located adjacent to the company’s logo, written in a single word or a short sentence. The payoff share similarities with both motto and aphorism, but differs from these by having a commercial function.

Hot Screen has a new owner!

1In January the family, Anna and Fredrik Skanselid acquired Hot Screen AB.

Anna and Fredrik intend to run the company in the same good spirit as before, i.e. being a supplier with personal service and a great responsibility for the company’s products. The ambition is to both nurture and develop Hot Screen’s brand and its products. Entrepreneurs Anna and Fredrik have a long background as self-employed, but not in the printing business. Heat transfer is a new experience that Anna and Fredrik believe to have good opportunities for development and great future prospects. They believe that it will be interesting to run a business together with the highly skilled employees.. It’s an exciting industry with great potential.

Fredrik will assume the role of Managing Director with a focus on business development. Anna will work with marketing and sales. The change of ownership is seen by employees as positive and everyone at Hot Screen hope for continued good relationships with both customers and suppliers. For further information, please contact;

Fredrik Skanselid, 0705-36 16 09