Our sustainability work - a matter close to heart

At Hot Screen, we have a genuine interest in sustainability and the environment. We view our operations as a whole, constantly striving for improvement in every aspect. This has resulted in our OEKO-TEX® certification and ISO 90001 and 140001 certificates, something we proudly carry with responsibility – a responsibility to continue taking ownership of the issue, trying new things, finding alternative paths. We do this every day in everything we do. Sustainability, community, and forward-thinking – that’s Hot Screen.

Environmentally friendly and made in Sweden

Our transfers are produced in a future-proofed manufacturing facility. From order to finished product, we consider factors such as waste, health, eco-friendly materials, and conduct various quality controls. Our heat transfers are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and completely free from phthalates. Another important aspect of what we deliver is our heat presses, which are made with Swedish steel. We handle design and product development ourselves to have full control over the machines’ performance and quality  – it is important to us that our presses are durable, ensuring they have a long lifespan and minimize environmental impact as much as possible.

When selecting suppliers, we consider various environmental requirements. We choose materials and raw materials with minimal environmental impact, sort and recycle waste such as batteries, paper, and plastic, and conduct an environmental analysis for each new investment needed, such as machines. Additionally, we collaborate with suppliers and customers on environmental issues through open and mutual information exchange – the goal is to influence both customers and suppliers to act more environmentally friendly.

Forward thinking and innovations

In 2016, we moved into our production facility, one of the world’s most modern and environmentally friendly transfer printing factories. Our ambition is to constantly evolve as a company, which is evident in everything from innovations and product development to collaborations with and support for various sustainability projects. We make sure to comply with applicable laws and regulations, even though in many cases, we choose to go beyond in our circular thinking. Therefore, we have features such as a ventilation system, heat exchangers, and our own wastewater treatment plant in the building.

We follow the substitution principle, continuously phasing out environmentally inferior products, techniques, and processes in favor of more environmentally friendly alternatives. In addition, we keep ourselves informed about upcoming regulatory changes and technological developments in the environmental field and maintain an ongoing dialogue with the municipality’s environmental office and other relevant stakeholders. We analyze and prevent risks of contaminating soil, air, and water through accidents and strive to conserve our consumption of natural resources.

Health and well-being

Our employees are our greatest asset. We actively work to create a warm, welcoming culture where everyone’s doors are open. Elements such as attentive leadership, direct and heartfelt communication among all, participation, and community are inherent in our daily work. We also prioritize promoting a healthy lifestyle and encourage an active life, as evidenced by our significant investments in our new facility, a project to which our employees gave meaningful input (https://da.se/2017/02/foretaget-byggde-bort-problemen/). We have a fully equipped gym, a car wash, a climbing wall, a sauna, and a ping pong room. Additionally, we strive to create space for reflection during the workday, a balance between work and personal life, as well as opportunities for competence development and career advancement – we aim to nurture our internal talents.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The wastewater treatment plant was built simultaneously with our production facility, allowing all water to be directed and collected here. The water is then purified through an optimized process before being discharged into the municipal sewage system – clean, pH-neutral, and with 0% microplastics. We also continuously test our effluent water with an external party to ensure that the treatment plant is performing as intended.

Technical room/utility room

The technical room/utility room takes care of all excess heat from production, offices, compressors, and refrigeration units. The heat is collected in five 1000-liter accumulator tanks, which then distribute the heat and/or hot water where needed. This technology makes us almost completely self-sufficient in terms of heating our premises and providing hot water to the property.

Heat exchanger/dryer

Our heat exchangers/ovens/dryers are energy-smart, incorporating heat recovery. This means that by utilizing this equipment, we reduce our energy consumption by approximately 40%.

Washing machine

In the Prepress department, there are small, internal purification systems with chemical fluids circulating in closed systems. This technological solution reduces our chemical consumption by over 50%. The process water is reused multiple times before being separated in our internal purification system.

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Do our transfers have flame certificates?

Both yes and no. Our customers can demonstrate numerous approved combinations of transfer prints from us together with flame-resistant garments, tests that among other things take into account the size of the transfer and the high-visibility area of the garments. With that said, it is the entirety that the standards EN ISO 11612, 14116, and 11611 certify – transfers are not seen as a standalone product.
This means that each new combination of transfer and garment must be tested to be approved and certified. If anything changes, such as the size of the transfer print or colors, a new test is needed.
In other words, our transfers meet the requirements set by the flame certificates, but cannot be certified individually due to how the standards are designed. However, they are included today in several unique flame certificates. Please read more in our print guide about flame protection and heat transfer!

Does this sound good?

We strive to manufacture products that are as sustainable and durable as possible, not least for the sake of the environment and our customers. If you want to become a customer, you are welcome to register! You can also contact our sales support for more information.

Ö 99-093 RISE

Environmentally certified heat transfers

Our transfers are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Ö 99-093 and meet Class 1, the strictest requirement that guarantees the absence of harmful substances in products. This means that our heat transfers can be applied to organic textiles as well as textiles intended for children under three years old. As mentioned, they are also completely free from phthalates, which are plastic softeners. We work annually with RISE to ensure certification. They verify our products and validate the certificate. If you would like to read more, you can visit here to see all the current OEKO-TEX® certificates for all textile suppliers.

Environmentally certified transfer printing company

In May 2017, Hot Screen became the first transfer printing company in the Nordic region to be certified according to ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) and ISO 14001:2015 (Environment). ISO 9001 is a management system standard for business processes in companies or organizations. By working with the standard, we aim to streamline our operations, encourage communication, improve processes, and engage management. ISO 14001 is a standard for environmental management systems with the goal of minimizing a company’s environmental impact. We actively work on sustainability, both internally and in our investments, business processes, and collaborations. We comply with environmental laws and reduce our waste.

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