Order environmentally friendly prints for clothes

When ordering prints for clothing, the environmental aspect may not always be in the first place. For us at Hot Screen, however, it is. Environment and sustainability pervade our entire business and affect things such as spillage, process water and types of painting with the goal that our products should have the smallest possible impact on the environment. Hence, both our heat transfers and our production meet the requirements for several certifications, including STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® class 1 – the strictest requirement that guarantees that a product contains no substances harmful to health. Despite this, we can keep very competitive prices.

In other words: from us you can order affordable prints for clothes and get the environmental aspect in the bargain. Our heat transfers are available in three different versions:


The question now is: which heat transfer is right for you? Here are some things to consider.

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Before you order prints for clothes

We have made it easy to order prints for clothes from us. Create an account in our webshop, and you can get started right away! But before you order prints for clothes, the questions below may be helpful:

  • What type of garment do you have in mind for the print?
  • What will the garment be exposed to – wear and tear, stretch, extreme heat?
    • Who will use the garment in the end?

With reference to the environmental choices we made when developing our heat transfers, everyone can use our products in the end – toddlers can even put our transfers in their mouths. You can read about our prints and their properties on the heat transfer page. In general, however, it can be said that STARK is for work clothes, FLEX for sports, profile and training clothes and accessories (all-round transfer), REFLEX for clothes that is worn in the dark, among other things.

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Why order prints for clothes from Hot Screen?

Are you thinking of ordering prints for clothes from us, but haven’t quite decided yet? Hold onto your hat: we are an environmentally certified transfer printing company, as well as a manufacturer of transfer presses with Swedish steel, and all production takes place locally just south of Kungsbacka, Sweden. We are also a leader in the Nordic region and work with some of Sweden’s largest companies. Our prices are competitive (please try our price calculator to get examples) and our prints are environmentally friendly – for example, they can be printed on organic textiles and are free from phthalates. You can count on the prints to last the entire life of the garment, can be stored for at least 5 years and are easy to apply.

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